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In-line Inspection

Our Fleet

Our fleet of in-line inspection tools were specifically crafted to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry, all 1.5D bend capable featuring titanium bodies and diamond inlayed tri-axial sensors.

Our Solutions, For You:

  • Available as standalone or combination tools for 6” to 36” diameters
  • Internal Mapping Unit (IMU)
  • High Resolution Geometry
  • High Resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

Tethered Inspections

For low to no product flow lines, we can provide wireline services for all our tools.

Insight Client Viewer

The Insight™ data analysis software offers tool data quality control, analysis, review, and reporting all in a single package. This industry-leading platform delivers sophisticated automated pattern detection and classification techniques, alongside manual review and editing options.


We provide detailed reporting following every inspection with the option to integrate multiple technologies into a single customizable report.

Milestone Above-Ground Markers

Our high precision Milestone Above-Ground Markers (AGM’s) record pertinent data for the inspection and measurement of your pipelines. The Milestone system uses proprietary software to analyze the data recorded by the AGM’s for a seamless integration in the final ILI report.

Turn-Key Service

Our experienced, skilled staff are here to provide you with the most seamless experience. To achieve that end, we use a single point of contact and responsibility to manage all operations for our clients. From piggability studies to run implementation, to cleaning, tracking and coordination, including low flow and out-of-service lines, we’re here to make sure it all runs smoothly without any of the burden falling on you!

New Technology, Coming Soon!

Q-Inline, in partnership with Quest Integrated (QI2) and Gas Technology Institute (GTI), is developing a new Electro Magnetic Accoustic Transducer (EMAT) tool that has improved capability to discriminate between crack-like and non-crack flaws, significantly reducing the number of false calls as compared to current technology.

This will provide the natural gas industry with an in-line inspection system that can reliably detect cracks in small diameter, low-flow, difficult-to-inspect pipelines. Each tool is specially designed to be of minimal length, featuring high collapsibility, 1.5D bend navigation, and full bidirectionality.

This project is fully supported, including funding provisions, by DOT-PHMSA, Operation Technology Development (OTD), QI2, and us here at Q-Inline.

The first tool will be commercially available in September 2020.

Contact us now to find out more!

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